It’s THE most important athletics event of 2015. And the only one that involves cake.

Yes, it’s the Winner Gets A Cake league in the Fantasy Diamond Race.

If there’s one thing that 2015 has taught us, it’s never doubt Usain Bolt. But if there are two things this year has taught us, it’s that athletics fans like cake. They must do, because more than 200 of them joined in with the cakey athletics fun.

Track and field geeks the world over have battled all season long in the hope of winning some sort of baked goods. The lead changed several times throughout this term, seemingly almost after each meeting.

But ultimately it was Kyle Shepard who took the victory with 2098 points.

Kyle finished seventh overall in the main – albeit cake-less (ergo inferior) – contest. And the top 10 cake-chasers all scored more than 2000 points. That’s some serious athletics geekery right there.

The top 10

1 Kyle Shepard (Kyle Shepard’s Team) 2098
2 Michael Fraser (Aman’s Eaton Sum Cram Borlee) 2061
3 Robin Scholten (AVW) 2057
4 Nick Yearsley (Nicks Knackers) 2038
5 Chris Brown (@chrisbrownsport’s Team) 2030
6 George (Inside lane) 2029
7 James Wright (The Wright Stuff) 2027
8 Jacob Hally (The Mighty Kites) 2025
9 Carol (fully prepared for the disappointment ( we will always have Paris )) 2011
10 Elias Shilazi (@eliasshilazi: REIGNING CAKE WINNER 2014) 2010

Full standings

As announced at the start of the year, I’m also offering a prize for the best team name.

There were some classics. Among my favourites were “Muffin ventured, muffin gained” (David Walsh), “Back sack and track” (John Sparke), “Blame the Host Broadcaster AC” (Steph Lawrie) and “Yordanka’s Stump” (Ivan Duggan). And a special mention must go to Ceri for changing her team name for every meeting; there were some real classics.

But the winning team name is one that combined three of my favourite things: athletics, puns and desserts.

The winning team name is: “Aman’s Eaton Sum Cram Borlee” by Michael Fraser. Bloody genius. Congratulations, some top-notch geeky athletics books will be winging their way to you.

Michael also finished second in the league, so this doubles up nicely as a consolation prize.

Thanks to everyone who took part; it’s great to know there are many other cake-loving athletics fans around the world. Hope you all enjoyed it and good luck for next year!

Update: So it turns out that Kyle’s not a big cake fan (weird, I know), but Michael is, so they’re swapping prizes.

Jessica Ennis. Goodnight.

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