About me

meHi, hello, help yourself to some cake.

Only joking. I never share cake.

My name is Jon Mulkeen. I trained as a graphic designer, I work as an athletics journalist and in my spare time I do a bit of photography.

A few facts about me:

  • I was a fat baby; at six months old I weighed 28lbs.
  • All four of my grandparents are Irish (my pasty white skin is a bit of a give-away).
  • My first name is ‘Jonathan’, but it drives me mad when people spell it wrong so for the sake of an easy life I go along with ‘Jon’.
  • I got into athletics when I was 13, first as a spectator, then as an athlete, and then as a spectator again after realising I was too slow to be a runner.
  • I have freakishly stretchy skin, which means I can attach dozens of clothes pegs to my face. A valuable life skill.
  • My favourite film of all time is Memento. The Lion King is also in my top five.
  • I once got hit by a car. By way of an apology, the driver gave me £5 and a box of Maltesers.
  • As a child, my sister once pushed me off the sofa, so I shouted, which in turn gave our pet canary a shock. He died.
  • My sweet tooth is on a par with Buddy the Elf’s.
  • I work for the IAAF as their web editor. It’s pretty much my dream job.
  • My favourite things in the whole wide world are my kids and my wife, closely followed by cake.
  • I dislike slow walkers and people who frequently misspell words such as ‘your’ and ‘definitely’.