Anyone who follows my @Statman_Jon account on twitter will know that I like to tweet about athletics. A lot.

The vast majority of my timeline is made up of athletes or people tweeting about athletics. I follow more than 500 twitter accounts and I enjoy all of them (naturally; otherwise I wouldn’t follow them).

I tend not to follow athletes who tweet inane things like: “baking a banana cake!” Similarly, I don’t follow people who take six tweets to say something that can be condensed into one, or people who clog up timelines with retweets of tacky overly-photoshopped random photos.

Instead, I go for quality over quantity. Here I’ve put together a definitive list of the 60 tweeters I find most entertaining, interesting and/or useful. Follow them by clicking on any of the buttons below, or follow this twitter list.

LATEST – Since the original post, I realised that I’d made a few oversights so I have now expanded this list from 60 to 75.

News and media


[twitter-follow username=”spikesmag”]
When it comes to social media in athletics, nobody does it better than SPIKES magazine.


[twitter-follow username=”IAAForg”]
The global governing body of athletics. They’re kind of a big deal.

Athletics Weekly

[twitter-follow username=”athleticsweekly”]
The only weekly track and field magazine in the world


[twitter-follow username=”Flotrack”]
Specialising in distance running, these US guys tweet with humour.

Track and Field News

[twitter-follow username=”tandfn”]
Widely regarded as the bible of the sport.

British Athletics

[twitter-follow username=”BritAthletics”]
The British federation.


[twitter-follow username=”usatf”]
The US federation.

Hilary Evans

[twitter-follow username=”OlympicStatman”]
Tweets about all Olympic sports and is good at publicising doping cases.


[twitter-follow username=”athleticos_live”]
Provides live tweets and video coverage from UK meetings.

Vinco Sport

[twitter-follow username=”VincoSport”]
News and live coverage from British meetings.


[twitter-follow username=”EightLaneNews”]
More coverage of athletics in Britain.

TracknField TMZ

[twitter-follow username=”Tnf_TMZ”]
A bit like TMZ, but with an athletics twist.


Paula Radcliffe

[twitter-follow username=”paulajradcliffe”]
The fastest women’s marathon runner in history.

Andrew Steele

[twitter-follow username=”AndrewSteele”]
A talented 400m athlete and equally talented writer.

Leo Barker

[twitter-follow username=”decath10n”]
Decathlete who survived cancer and speaks openly about it. Also bloody funny.

Rikki Fifton

[twitter-follow username=”Rfifton”]
The British sprinter is in his element when tweeting witty comments about reality TV.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson

[twitter-follow username=”JohnsonThompson”]
The British heptathlete has the best twitter bio going: “Chronically indecisive so I’ve adopted two surnames and the heptathlon. Daley Thompson is not my dad.”

Andreas Thorkildsen

[twitter-follow username=”AThorkildsen”]
The two-time Olympic javelin champion tweets a lot about pugs and coffee.

Ato Boldon

[twitter-follow username=”AtoBoldon”]
The 1997 world 200m champ is now a great commentator.

Kelly Sotherton

[twitter-follow username=”KellySotherton”]
World and Olympic heptathlon medallist talks a lot of sense.

Ryan Whiting

[twitter-follow username=”RyanWhitingUSA”]
He’s a shot putter who knits. Why wouldn’t you follow him?

Craig Pickering

[twitter-follow username=”craig100m”]

Dawn Harper-Nelson

[twitter-follow username=”DHarp100mH”]
The 2008 Olympic 100m hurdles champ is one of the best athletes in the world to interview.

Jazmin Sawyers

[twitter-follow username=”JazminJayne”]
Rising long jump star is also a talented singer with a great sense of humour.

Ross Murray

[twitter-follow username=”RosscoJammin”]
If ever there were an athletics reality TV show, this 1500m runner and Geordie Shore fan would be the star of it.

James Carter

[twitter-follow username=”MrJamesCarter”]
The retired 400m hurdler may not be the most popular athlete, but his controversial tweets make for compulsive following.

Andy Turner

[twitter-follow username=”andyturner110h”]
The Commonwealth sprint hurdles champion has great banter with other athletes.

Lolo Jones

[twitter-follow username=”lolojones”]
Love her or hate her, Lolo often tweets funny Vine videos.

Emma Jackson

[twitter-follow username=”emmajacko88″]
A naturally gifted 800m runner and naturally funny tweeter.

James Campbell

[twitter-follow username=”jcampbelljav”]
No-holds-barred tweeting from the British javelin thrower.

Charlene Thomas

[twitter-follow username=”CEThomas2013″]
The 1500m runner’s tweets are always entertaining.

Tom Parsons

[twitter-follow username=”tomparsons6″]
Another British athlete worth following.

Lauren Fleshman

[twitter-follow username=”laurenfleshman”]
US distance runner with a good sense of humour.

Warren Weir

[twitter-follow username=”warren_weir”]
The Jamaican sprinter is the king of Instagram.

Phoebe Wright

[twitter-follow username=”Phe800″]
If you didn’t see her ‘face swap’ of Galen Rupp and Mary Cain, go check it out.

Jack Green

[twitter-follow username=”jackpgreen”]
Down-to-earth hurdler on a journey into the world of other sports.

Max Eaves

[twitter-follow username=”polevaultmax”]
Naturally funny British pole vaulter.

Results and stats

Alfonz Juck

[twitter-follow username=”emenews”]
Golden Spike meeting director and compiler of EME News, the best daily athletics newsletter.

Ken Nakamura

[twitter-follow username=”KKenNakamura”]
Top Japanese statistician.

Ian Hodge

[twitter-follow username=”IanHodge7″]
Leading British statto. His speciality? “Anything that moves”.


[twitter-follow username=”Trackinsun”]
Twitter account for the blog that covers leading results from obscure international meetings.


[twitter-follow username=”All_Athletics”]
One of the best athletics stats sites.

Athletics Trivia

[twitter-follow username=”AthleticsTrivia”]
Regularly tweets athletics trivia questions.

Alberto Stretti

[twitter-follow username=”albertostretti”]
Italian athletics enthusiast with a passion for distance running.

Mirko Jalava

[twitter-follow username=”mjalava”]
Finnish statistician behind Tilastopaja, the best athletics stats site.

Japanese Running News

[twitter-follow username=”JRNHeadlines”]
Great coverage of Japanese distance running.

Steven Mills

[twitter-follow username=”Trackside2014″]
British-based athletics enthusiast.

Oscar Fdez

[twitter-follow username=”gabyandersengz”]
Spanish athletics fan.

Michel Boeting

[twitter-follow username=”one4onesports”]
Agent to many leading Kenyan athletes.

Kip Evans

[twitter-follow username=”Kip3vans”]
Great coverage of Kenyan athletics.

Joaquin Carmona

[twitter-follow username=”jokin4318″]
Another passionate athletics fan from Spain.

Alexander Orlov

[twitter-follow username=”AlexandrOrlov44″]
Keen follower of Russian athletics.

Friidrott I Fokus

[twitter-follow username=”Friidrottsfokus”]
Swedish-based tweeter covering all areas of track and field.

Flash Results

[twitter-follow username=”FlashResults”]
Results system used by many US meetings.


Jesse Squire

[twitter-follow username=”tracksuperfan”]
As his twitter handle suggests, he is a track superfan.

Jason Henderson

[twitter-follow username=”Jason_AW”]
Editor of Athletics Weekly.

Simon Hart

[twitter-follow username=”sihart”]
Athletics writer for the Daily Telegraph. Often breaks big stories before anyone else.

Martin Bingisser

[twitter-follow username=”bingisser”]
Swiss hammer thrower offers great insight into throwing events.

Michelle Sammet

[twitter-follow username=”michellesammet”]
British-based German writer.

Andre Lowe

[twitter-follow username=”AndreLowe_media”]
Award-winning Jamaican journalist.

Elena Dyachkova

[twitter-follow username=”ElenaRusAthletx”]
Used to work for the Russian athletics federation, often provides great insight into Russian athletics.

David Monti

[twitter-follow username=”d9monti”]
The go-to guy for all things related to US distance running.

Dean Hardman

[twitter-follow username=”DeanoSHM”]
Writes and tweets about all kinds of athletics topics.

Chris Chavez

[twitter-follow username=”Chris_J_Chavez”]
Writes for FloTrack but tweets a lot from own account too.

Kevin Liao

[twitter-follow username=”RunLiao”]
Lead editor of Spiked Up, Psyched Up.

House of Run

[twitter-follow username=”HouseofRun”]
Twitter account of the leading track and field podcast.

Paul Merca

[twitter-follow username=”paulmerca70601″]
US-based athletics writer.

Mike Hurst

[twitter-follow username=”MikeHurst_aths”]
No one covers athletics in Australia better than Mike.


Tom Bedford

[twitter-follow username=”Tom_Bedford”]
Son of Dave Bedford, Tom shoots from the hip.


[twitter-follow username=”JandBathletics”]
Twins Jody and Bayo are the world’s most famous athletics fans.

Gabriella Pieraccini

[twitter-follow username=”smokymozzarella”]
Funny tweets about athletics.

Dan O’Connor

[twitter-follow username=”drdanoconnor”]
Another tweeter with hilarious athletics observations.

Dan Peachey

[twitter-follow username=”danpeachey”]
More humourous athletics tweets.


[twitter-follow username=”le_petit_cochon”]
Another funny athletics tweeter.


[twitter-follow username=”jen725″]
And last but not least, another athletics enthusiast with entertaining tweets.

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