Running is weird.

One week you can feel great; the next week, everything is an effort, your body aches and your head is full of self-doubt.

These are just some of the thoughts that have crossed my mind this week, the third of my five weeks of training:

– This run feels like a bit of a slog. Is this normal following the week of a long run?

– This second run also feels a bit effortful. And it’s only three bleedin’ miles. How on earth did I manage 11 a few days ago?

– My body just isn’t cut out for running long distances.

– Ouch, my achilles.

– These new running shoes feel clumpy and hard.

– The pace that my watch is telling me I’m running at isn’t even that fast. Ah wait, the distance is also coming up short so maybe it’s not so bad.

– Ouch, my shoulder.

– [After using the route tool on MapMyRun to get a more accurate measurement] That pace now looks a bit healthier. But what if this is also inaccurate and it’s giving me false hope for the race?

– What time does Gregg’s close?

– Ouch, my hamstring.

– Maybe I did my long run too soon. Maybe I should do another 11M run today.

– What is that cow looking at?

– This 9M run feels alright; maybe I just set off too fast on my other runs. What if I go off to fast in the race and end up staggering across the finish?

– Whose stupid idea was this, anyway?

That kind of gives a rough idea of how this past week has been. Not a great start, but an okay end with a 9.4M run at 8:04 pace.

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I have to keep reminding myself that these runs probably aren’t going to be easy, given that I’m giving myself just a handful of weeks to prepare for a 13.1-mile race, roughly 13 miles farther than my preferred racing distance.

I also have to keep telling myself that two weeks from now, all this will be over. And I’ll be celebrating/commiserating with a huge carvery. Nana would have approved.

End-of-week total: 21 miles.
Training total: 63.5 miles.

(I’m just like Haile Gebrselassie. But less smiley)

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