Twitter is dangerous. Occasionally I see a tweet which triggers my inner geek to create a random athletics-related list.

A few months back, fellow stats dude Hilary Evans tweeted about Russian heptathlete Tatyana Chernova’s recent wedding to decathlete Vitaliy Smirnov.

So of course, I had to create a list of the best husband-wife combined eventers in history. And here it is…

The table below ranks the couples in two ways – by the combined total of their PBs, and the combined total of the value of their bests according to the IAAF scoring tables. The table is sortable though, so you can click on the headings to filter them as you wish.

Note that some of these couples are no longer together. But I believe that they are all (or were at some point) married to one another, or at least considered each other as life partners.

This proved to be quite a tricky subject to research (but hey, what else am I going to do while stuffing my face with chocolate in the post-Christmas period), so if anyone has any additions or amendments to the list, please get in touch.

No one will be surprised to see the all-conquering Eatons at the top of the list. They are one of just three couples in history to be a part of the “15,000-point club” (yes, that’s a thing).

Bill Toomey and Mary Rand were one of the first top-level combined events couples, but Rand competed in the days of the pentathlon which would have put her at a disadvantage when it comes to a list like this, so I’ve not included them.

And no, I’m not planning on a follow-up post of “the best athletes produced by husband-and-wife combined eventers”. That’s too geeky, even for me.

Ashton Eaton90391280Brianne Theisen66411201156802481
Alain Blondel84531189Heike Drechsler67411221151942410
Oleksiy Kasyanov84791193Hanna Melnychenko65861190150652383
Tom Pappas87841240Kim Schiemenz62091116149932356
Andrei Nazarov83221169Remigija Nazaroviene66041194149262363
Vitaliy Smirnov80211122Tatyana Chernova68801249149012371
Dmitriy Karpov87251231Irina Karpova61401102148652333
Uwe Freimuth87921241Anke Troger60321081148242322
Attila Zsivoczky85541204Gyorgyi Farkas62691128148232332
Chiel Warners83631175Karin Ruckstuhl64231158147862333
Sergiy Blonsky78901102Lyudmila Blonska68321239147222341
William Frullani79841117Hanna Melnychenko65861190145702307
Rudy Bourguignon80251123Laurien Hoos62911132143162255
Sergiy Blonsky78901102Lyudmila Kovalyova62301120141202222
Joe Detmer80901133Danielle McNaney56881014137782147
Klaus Ambrosch81221138Bianca Kappler5520981136422119
Chris Nunn7130986Glynis Nunn63901152135202138


  1. J&B Athletics says: January 5, 2015 • 21:43:00

    How do you work out Mary Rand and Bill Toomey

  2. Gert Velthuizen says: January 6, 2015 • 08:07:12

    Thanks for this list. Have there ever been gay couples? And if so is a list of them toogeeky too?
    Keep having fun.

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